Our Animals

Weatherham Farm is host to a selection of friendly farm animals, wild creatures and birds – great for the kids!


We currently have Rare Breed Grey Faced Dartmoors and Devon Close Wools plus a few gorgeous “Heinz”. We lamb in April so it’s always an exciting month.


We have delightful and funny Leghorns, Goldies and Light Sussex Hens which graze the paddock and often manage to sneak out to see what’s going on elsewhere on the farm! When “in lay” guests are welcome to enjoy the freshest eggs possible. They are completely free range and enjoy a diet of grass, corn, worms, bugs and on special occasions, rice pudding, custard or porridge! They provide us with the most delicious luminous yellow yolk eggs.


We have two male pygmy Goats which greatly enjoy guests kind enough to donate their crackers, toast or digestive biscuits!


Weatherham is alive with birds – owls, buzzards, finches, our nosy robins, swallows nesting in the barns and murmurations of starlings. You may see stoats and weasels and red deer too.